The Gate – Hammersmith

The Gate is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Hammersmith. The building has a is very particular entrance that gives the impression you are going to church. Even the smell in the hall isn’t the best, kind of Sunday-school like! The restaurant itself is on the first floor. The room is fairly quiet and doesn’t have many tables.The ceiling is very high with a large window that allows the whole restaurant to be lit without the need for artificial light. The furniture is very simple, kept to the bare minimum, something in between minimal, arte povera and wrought-iron; a style that lately seems to be a must in London, if you want your bar to be instagramable and hipster at the same time. The décor has been completed with green leafy plants and industrial style nude bulbs hanging from the ceiling. The jazz music in the background makes the atmosphere enveloping and sophisticated, making you feeling like a freelancer drinking black americano in Brooklyn.

During the weekend, The Gate offers the Sunday Roast menu which includes two courses for around £20. The artichoke terrine with a dried tomato paste and grilled bread left me somewhat confused, too salty for my taste, if eaten all together with bread and sauce, it’s not so bad. The presentation of the dish was very pretty and the bread was freshly baked. The beetroot burger with fries and greens on the side is not their forte. The salad has fresh taste with the tasty Dijon mustard vinaigrette. The burger instead, pretty rubbery, basically a pink chemical agglomerate that can easily be found at the supermarket and the matchstick chips were really thin, on the plate more as a decoration. The service is really slow, even when the restaurant isn’t crowded.

It wasn’t a bad experience, but few things were just not right. I don’t know if it deserves another try…


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