Dough – Bath

Dough is a pizzeria/restaurant run by Italians in the center of Bath. With many options for celiac, vegetarians and vegans, nobody will be disappointed; you can even choose the type of dough! They have white flour, whole wheat flour, corn flour… and the list goes on! During weekend it can get pretty busy, but even without a booking, they can find you a table in 10 minutes. The stuffed eggplant with tomato sauce was simply delicious, the sauce reminded me of the summers I spent with my brother at my grandma’s house, when after the beach, she was always making a simple pasta al sugo for lunch, with her tomato sauce that no one could ever match! 

If you are going to Dough you must try their pizza, period. The pizza parcel is filled with grilled zucchini, aubergines and vegetable cheese. The pizza dough is stone baked and crunchy at the ends and the melted cheese is to die for. Also, the prices are affordable and if you have a reusable bottle, they will refill it for you. Let’s hope they will open in London soon! 


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