Thaikhun – Bath

Thaikhun is a Thai street food restaurant. The place is very weird, if not funny! It’s full of questionable objects and odd things piled up on the walls, road signs hanging from the ceiling and vintage appliances. It really feels like an indoor market rather than a restaurant! The menu has many options for celiac, vegetarian and vegan customers. 

The fried corn cakes with a sweet-sour sauce are super spicy and yummy, once you start eating them, you will probably end up asking for more. Their stir-fried rice with vegetables and crispy tofu is a must-try. The dish is served on a very simple plate, the type that everyone has at home and you can easily put in the microwave. If you want to take a picture with that, bear in mind that’s not Instagram Friendly. The tofu is deliciously crispy on the surface and the vegetables are lightly steamed to be crunchy as well. Everything is really tasty and really spicy. So, If you aren’t a fan of spicy food this might be not the right place… 

Do you like spicy food? Can you actually handle it? I must admit that in Italy I ate very bland food, I didn’t even like black pepper! Since I live in London, I discovered new flavors and my tastes have changed, I would say they have matured, I have grown up living here. London changes you, makes you grow, she constantly tests you and it’s not always easy to overcome adversities, in fact, I firmly believe that London it’s not for everyone, only those who are quite open to change and do not live it as an obligation manages to flourish… for all others sooner or later it’s time to go home. 


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