Mooshies – Brick Lane, London

Mooshies is a small shop in the heart of Brick Lane that sells mind-blowing and highly addictive vegan burgers and comfort food. 

Their Magic mushroom burger is filled with a huge Oyster mushroom, breaded and fried with two hash browns on top. The bread of the bun is toasted to perfection and the mushroom crispy AF. All the different ingredients and textures are all well assembled. The only downside are sweet potato fries, a bit to mushy. 

The Fillet-on-Phish burger with panko fried eggplant, nori seaweed, and mayo is literally a foodgasm! The fried eggplants are just divine and satisfying, and the seaweed give the “fish” taste everyone is looking for. Their fried mozzarella sticks are awesome, the vegetable cheese is so stringy and hot that melt in your hands; the dip made with mayo and Sriracha, is just illegal!  

Pig out tip: add the dip to the burger and your taste buds will be in ecstasy!  

The quinoa and bean burger unfortunately is slightly disappointing: the taste is ok, but not even close to the other ones. The patty crumble at each bite, as if a binding ingredient is missing. The nachos to be a dish to share with other people, definitely lacks some guacamole. 

The shop has an urban style, with graffiti on the walls and wooden tables, quite bare and unpretentious, but hey, this is Brick Lane. The cost of a burger is about £8-9, pretty expensive, but totally worthy. 


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