Farmacy – Notting Hill

I am really excited today because today I am going to review my favourite vegan restaurant in London!

Farmacy is a really cute restaurant in Notting Hill Close to Chepstow Road, you can have everything from breakfast to cocktails. I usually go there for drinks, but every time I had food I was so pleased I did!

They always have cool jazz music in the background and I really like this, because it gives the place a nice touch that not all places have. Their main color palette is dark green, brown and gold. I would say it is a really nice instagramable place. There are plants and pots everywhere, even hanging from the ceiling and you have wood on the walls and pretty much all the furniture is made of wood with touches of dark green.

Regarding the food, I have no complains really. Till now I’ve tried their loaded nachos, and yes they are really well loaded with guac, black beans pate, hummus, and spicy sauce.

Once, I had the chickpea quesadilla that as Italian it reminded me a lot of our “farinata”, but thicker and fluffier. The dip I guess was a sort of cashew nut spreadable cheeze and let me tell you it tasted like heaven. That day I went to Farmacy with an Omni friend and she had the Mac ‘n’ Cheeze. Now, as Italian, I’ve never had a proper American gooey Mac&Cheese, but their version it was super yummy even though I can’t say if it was close to the real thing or not.

I know for sure I will come back to try some more food and enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere! I recommend you to book in advance if you are planning to go during the weekend because it is damn busy and you could wait up to one hour as a walk-in. On weekdays is quieter and they can accommodate you without problems.

Let me know what you think? Do you think is the best vegan place in London?


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