222 Vegan Cuisine – West Kensington

222 is a vegan small restaurant located in West Kensington. During the weekend, it gets over crowded and the wait for more than one hour, even with a booking. The place itself is a rectangular room that’s probably more suitable for a café rather than a restaurant. The place is very busy and it’s seems like they overbook, accepting customers who haven’t booked in advance. The tables are so attached to each other that you will probably have dinner with a stranger. Not the best place for an intimate candlelit dinner! 

The raw vegetables appetizer has three different dips: red bell peppers hummus, guacamole, and cashew cream. The texture of the sauces is intense and enveloping, you can easily binge on them if you just have had tortillas instead of cucumber sticks! The mushroom and seitan stroganoff is hearty and filling. The seitan has a meaty texture is properly cooked . The cream is simply like a taste of heaven and it’s full of fat mushrooms. 

The prices are slightly expensive, but totally worthy for the quality of the ingredients. Super recommended, if you will be patient enough to wait for you table! 


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