Busaba – London (Anywhere)

I’ve to be honest, this post is gonna be a long one!

I love Busaba and I have to admit, I tried their food a lot of times. Every time I eat something different, and this means only one thing…. that they have lots of vegan options! 

Their cuisine is Asian/Thai, and it is still something really new to me. As Italian, I used to eat Italian food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and my only knowledge of Asian food was spring rolls and dumplings. I started to try new food and different cultures here in London and the more I try the more I am open to new things (to be honest, I’ve never been a picky eater!).

The first time I ate a pad Thai was in the restaurant situated in Westfield Stratford, I even tho I found it a bit strange I loved it. I like that every time can get a different version, with fresh crunchy veggies and tofu, sometimes can be really spicy and sometimes is sweet. I found really weird to squeeze lime on top since in my mind it was like adding lemon to pasta! the first time I ate it without adding soy sauce because I wanted to know if it was something that I liked as it was. I loved it. Also, if you want to try a soft drink go for the guava collins!

The second time I went with a friend during our Christmas shopping rush in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush. I had something similar to Pad Thai, but the noodles were like a sort of tagliatelle. They were a bit thicker and the veggies and a really nice bitter-sweet sauce. I always love the crumbled peanuts on top, it gives a lovely crunchiness that it seems I am always craving for! 

Last summer, I was out for drinks with some colleagues and after a while, we decided to walk around in Shoreditch. Since we were kinda hungry we popped in the first restaurant we saw: Busaba. I knew the place really well, but the location near Brick Lane, I think it’s totally different from the other places. They really created a magic atmosphere, with the dim orange light and the little bamboo fountain with the flowers at the entrance. I guess is a place where you can either go for drinks with your girl or for a romantic dinner date. That night, I wanted to try something new! I had fried tofu with veggies. I don’t know why I was feeling really sceptic about my choice, I had the weird feeling that I made the wrong decision and I would have regretted it for the rest of the evening. When the waitress came, I was surprised, the dish was really well presented and the tofu bites were in a very tidy order on the plate. Let me tell you, the tofu was amazing, like a flavor and texture explosion! I guess the used silken tofu because it was crispy on the outside and really soft in the inside. It was a pleasant contrast in my mouth. The only thing that I didn’t like, is that the portion was too little! I would have been able to eat the same portion twice (unfortunately, I have no pic of this dish!)

Last time I went to Busaba was with my parents. They came to visit me for a few days during March. We were walking around Bond Street, and it was almost lunchtime. My parents know Asian cuisine as I knew it before coming to London, so I was a little bit anxious about taking them there. When I suggested Busaba they were quite open, but still a bit anxious about the outcome. The place was pretty full, with people from the offices around to have their beak. The waiters are really friendly and quick. We had some spring rolls, vegetable Pad Thai, and green Thai curry. I had the curry because I never tried the green curry only the Indian one. It was super tasty and full of eggplants, onions, zucchini and tomatoes. It was spicy, but I managed to eat it. It was accompanied by coconut rice that in my opinion, it could have been more. 

The Pad Thai was really good, flavoursome and with crunchy veggies. Also, the spring rolls were nice, they were perfectly fried and the sauce wasn’t too sweet.

Busaba is one of my favourite places to go for an easy lunch or dinner with friends. 

I really would like to know if you like it! Would you recommend it?


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