Where The Pancakes Are – London Bridge

If you are looking for a pretty place for a casual date, this is the right place!

Where the pancakes are is a very instagramable cute little place, with a clean and easy design and a touch of peach pastel color, 10 mins walking from London Bridge. It’s situated inside a small outdoor street food market with lots of Shoreditch vibes and I think it is perfect for a beer during summer. Since the place it is really small, you would probably need to book in advance or wait 20-30 mins like I did when I first went there.

The menu isn’t too complicated you have two sections, sweet & savoury, and there are 5-6 options for each section. You have also the possibility of a richer and full breakfast, if you feel like. Each dish has 2 pancakes and it’s heavily topped with anything you can imagine. I had the American classic one just with maple syrup and fruit. You can choose also the batter that can either be “normal” or vegan! Even though my pancakes where just accompanied by fruit, I choose a savoury batter. The contrary between sweet and savoury was something really strange! I really like though. My dish has 4 pancakes instead of two, maybe because my topping was really simple. 

I was told that they opened less than one month ago, so if you like to be in trend, you must check out this place.

Did you try their pancakes already? Which one is your favourite?


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