The Hungry Donkey – Shoreditch

I went for dinner to The Hungry Donkey not long ago with a group of colleagues to celebrate a leaving party. It was pretty late for dinner and we were a group of around 8 people with no reservation! We asked for a table pretty much everywhere close to our office, but the wait was more than one hour every timeā€¦ In the end, we called The Hungry Donkey and they told us that our table would have been ready in less than 20 mins, just what we needed to reach the restaurant from our office!

The restaurant is pretty small, with no more than 10 tables. The atmosphere is very warm, and the decor is pretty simple and minimal, with some plants and yellow fairy lights.

Almost my colleagues ordered a giros with chicken souvlaki, I could have had mine with hummus and grilled veggies, but I felt like I wanted to try something more than just Greek street food (that I love anyway!), something that you could have in a greek home. So I decided to have some oven-roasted peppers filled with rice & herbs served with oven-roasted potatoes. The bell peppers looked very well baked, and the aroma coming from the dish was astonishing! As soon as I took off the lid on the peppers an explosion of herbs blew me away. The stuffing was perfectly cooked, all the ingredients were well matched with the rice, and the potatoes were delicious crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. Even some of my colleagues asked me to have a bite!

We had some sweets as dessert on the house, similar to baklavas, but as you may know, I am not a really big fan of those things. The only downside was the wine. I am not an expert at all, but in my opinion, was a bit expensive. Anyway, the waiters were kind and took all our requests.
I think I’m definitely coming back for some falafel giros in the future!

Have you ever tried The Hungry Donkey? Let me know in a comment!


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