Las Iguanas – Cambridge

Last Saturday I went with two friends to visit Cambridge for the first time! I am a little ashamed to admit that I have never been there since I moved to England, but maybe it’s due to the fact that London is so big, and even after two years I still feel a bit like a tourist sometimes!

Cambridge is a small town of the United Kingdom. It’s located in the eastern part of England about 100 km north-east of London and is the capital of Cambridgeshire. It is bathed by the river Cam, on which rowing competitions are held. Cambridge is home to one of the oldest universities in the world and the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Unfortunately, the day we went to Cambridge, the weather was not the best; we walked all day under overcast skies and a cold wind that penetrated into our bones. The historic center is very beautiful and interesting to visit but very small. In half a day I think you have time to see all the main attractions and take a walk along the canal. If you are brave, I advise you to do “pounting”, the British version gondolas: you will find promoters for this activity everywhere! We avoided it, because it didn’t inspire us much, it was very cold and some of these “pounters” didn’t seem very expert … ending up overturned in the river, wasn’t in our plan! At about half past one we began to be hungry and during our walk we found ourselves in front of one of the restaurants I had put on my personal “places I want to review” list.

Las Iguanas restaurant specialized in South American cuisine. The menu is divided by countries and if you don’t want to waste time you can request the vegan menu and see which dishes from the original menu are available for you. I was quite excited, because I’ve always heard positive comments about Las Iguanas. The atmosphere is lively, and the decor is very simple, not pretentious at all with bright colors, as if it were always a party. Fairy lights decorate the walls, with Reggaeton music in the background. We agreed to start by sharing a plate of nachos with jalapenos, guacamole and cheddar. They were tasty even though the vegetable cheese was not the best, it seemed more toasted than melt and the guacamole was definitely not enough for three people at all!

The most beautiful thing we assisted, however, was the marriage proposal we witnessed directly while we waited for our dishes! The waiter assigned us a table close to the long glass window overlooking the river. Just a few steps away from us on the other side of the glass, a boy kneeled in front of his girlfriend asking for her hand! It was super exciting, tears came to my eyes, and she said yes!

As a main course I ordered a Smoked Chipotle pulled jackfruit burrito bowl. It’s basically the breakdown of a burrito wrap: all the ingredients that would go into the wrap, are instead arranged on a plate and it can be eaten directly with fork and knife instead of spilling the “filling” all over the place! When the waiter brought me the dish, the first thing I thought was “shit, this time I chose wrong!”, The menu photo was something completely different from what I saw in front of me , (something like expectations vs reality), plus the portion seemed a bit too small to me. But, this was a situation where I learnt to not judge a book by its cover. The pulled jackfruit was cooked to perfection, the “meat” was fleshy and firm with a beetroot cream so sweet that it was mistaken for a raspberry coulis. I don’t think the grated vegetable cheese on the top made a lot of sense, but having a very delicate taste it didn’t spoil the whole dish and anyway bit of sliced ​​avocado is always appreciated!

The thing that most surprised me about lunch was without a doubt the dessert. I love everything chocolate so I couldn’t resist at the chocolate cake with coconut ice cream. I swear I heard the angels singing at the first bite! The cake had a really thick consistency, it seemed more like a cheesecake to me, but believe me it was something transcendental, and I am telling you I am not a sweet tooth!

I can’t wait to try another of their restaurants here in London!

Let me know if you like South American cuisine too, with a comment below 🙂


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