The Japanese Canteen – Liverpool Street

Located two minutes away from Liverpool Street Station, the Japanese Canteen is a life saver every time I don’t bring my lunch at work. 

They are open for lunch and dinner, but I think is suitable just for a quick lunch during your break, in fact, it’s a Canteen and not a restaurant. Their menu is quite simple, with few dishes (mainly based on rice) to choose from, with a lot of different toppings. To be honest, I think it’s a bit expensive for the quality of the ingredients they serve, but the accept my Lunch vouchers, so I can’t complain!

The Donburi with fried tofu and aubergines with spicy bean sauce is pretty filling, maybe even too much, if you need to go back to work as it comes in a huge bowl full of rice. I don’t particularly like the rice, I feel like they use the same type for each dish and I find it sticky and gluey, the type of rice used for sushi in cheap all you can eat places. I really like their tofu, spicy and crunchy, it’s the ingredient that saves the as the fried aubergines are quite soggy. 

The Vegetable Katsu Curry Donburi is basically the same thing: gluey rice with mild curry sauce and two veggie patties on top. The curry isn’t too bad, but is not enough for all the rice in the bowl and the Patties are the lamest veggie patties you can find in the frozen pre cooked meal aisle at the supermarket: the old school potatoes, peas and bits of carrots ones that we were buying when soy milk was the only milk “alternative” we could think of. 

The Laksa soup is my favourite dish. A warm spicy soup with broth and rice noodles, full of veggies and tofu. It’s lovely during rainy and cold days or when you feel under the weather. Unfortunately, I recently discovered they took it of menu. I am a bit upset as it was my favourite dish!

The service is really basic, but quick and they always bring all the dishes at the same time, so nobody at the table needs to wait. Even if it’s not my favorite place to eat, is super close to work!


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