Banana Tree – Notting Hill

Banana Tree is the home of Indochinese food in the heart of Notting Hill. The place is very simple with no particular embellishment or theme. It's also very quiet, with few customers. It could be a bad sign, like the poor quality of the food, but don't be mislead by that! Their menu has a … Continue reading Banana Tree – Notting Hill


Mooshies – Brick Lane, London

Mooshies is a small shop in the heart of Brick Lane that sells mind-blowing and highly addictive vegan burgers and comfort food.  Their Magic mushroom burger is filled with a huge Oyster mushroom, breaded and fried with two hash browns on top. The bread of the bun is toasted to perfection and the mushroom is crispy AF. All the different ingredients and textures are well combined. The … Continue reading Mooshies – Brick Lane, London

Thaikhun – Bath

Thaikhun is a Thai street food restaurant. The place is very weird, if not funny! It’s full of questionable objects and odd things piled up on the walls, road signs hanging from the ceiling and vintage appliances. It really feels like an indoor market rather than a restaurant! The menu has many options for celiac, vegetarian and vegan customers.  The fried corn cakes with a sweet-sour sauce are … Continue reading Thaikhun – Bath

Dough – Bath

Dough is a pizzeria/restaurant run by Italians in the center of Bath. With many options for celiac, vegetarians and vegans, nobody will be disappointed; you can even choose the type of dough! They have white flour, whole wheat flour, corn flour... and the list goes on! During weekend it can get pretty busy, but even without a booking, they can find you a … Continue reading Dough – Bath